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MnDOT - Highway 75 & 40 Madison Project

Highway 75 & 40 Madison Project

MnDOT – Virtual Open House

Open House - March 10th to March 26th

Thank you for your participation in the Highway 75 & 40 Madison Project virtual open house! The entire session should take no more than 15 minutes to complete. Continue clicking through to learn more about the project and what to expect during construction.

A stretch of Highway 75

About this presentation

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Following guidance from state health officials to prevent the further spread of COVID-19, the Minnesota Department of Transportation has temporarily postponed all public meetings and in-person events. Public engagement on transportation and construction projects remains a priority and we appreciate you joining us online to learn more about this project.


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MnDOT invites and encourages participation by all. If you need an ASL, a foreign language interpreter, or other reasonable accommodation, or need documents in an alternative format (such as braille or large print) for this email or event, please email your request to Janet Miller at or call 651-366-4720.

Project Overview

What is planned for this project?

The Minnesota Department of Transportation is making improvements to approximately 1 mile of highway in the city of Madison.

Improvements will include resurfacing of the highway and updating pedestrian ramps and sidewalks to meet current Americans with Disabilities (ADA) standards.

Project Map

Highway 78 construction area map

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Project Benefits and Timeline

What improvements are coming to the roadway?

Project Benefits

Smoother ride benefit icon Improved safety for people who drive, walk and bike
Traffic flow benefit icon Improvements for people who walk and bike
Enhanced safety benefit icon Smoother ride

Project Timeline

Step one icon Spring 2023: Project Begins
Step two icon Construction
Step three icon Fall 2023: Project Complete

Estimated timeline shown, actual construction duration will be determined once the design is complete and a contractor has been secured for the work.

Project schedule icon

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Project Location

Explore the complete project area

This project stretches through the city of Madison along both highway 75 and highway 40. The layouts below provide more detail into the planned improvements.

Project-wide notes

  • Pedestrian ramps and sidewalks will be completed before the roadway work begins. Areas will be closed to pedestrians during construction.
  • Road work will be completed by resurfacing the existing pavement one lane at a time.

Map legend

The following legend corresponds to each map graphics presented here.

Graphic map legend


Highway 75

Use your mouse cursor or finger to pan left and right around the map below. On a phone or tablet? Rotate your screen horizontally for a better interactive map experience.

Segment 4 map of construction details

Highway 40

Use your mouse cursor or finger to pan left and right around the map below. On a phone or tablet? Rotate your screen horizontally for a better interactive map experience.

Segment 5 map of construction details

What to Expect During Construction

How will people get to key destinations?

A detour will not be required during the work on highway 75 and highway 40 in Madison, traffic will be maintained using shoulder and lane closures to protect the construction zones and the contractor’s workers. Signing along each route will notify drivers of the current conditions and work zone areas. Traffic will also be managed by flaggers directing traffic around the work areas as necessary.

Pedestrian ramp and sidewalk construction will require sections to be blocked off for the forming, pouring and curing of the concrete. Signage will be in place to instruct pedestrians of temporary closures and alternative routes.

Travel Information

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Highway 75 & highway 40 will be open to traffic during construction.

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Flaggers will direct drivers when traffic lanes are closed during construction activities.

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Signage will be in place directing travelers around the construction work areas.


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It is important for the community to understand what to expect during construction. Please pass along the link to this virtual open house to your family, friends and coworkers that use Highway 75 & 40 in this area so they know what to expect and can sign up for email updates.


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